Prepared for the Hurricane?

Did you believe that Central Florida is insulated from the type of damage that hurricanes often inflict on coastal regions? Until you experienced Fay?

As tropical Storm Fay approaches The Villages it is imperative that area residents prepare for the worst.

If you are new to Florida or have never experienced a hurricane’s wrath, here are a few things to do before a storm like Fay hits.

Having plenty of nonperishable food items is important. Restaurants and grocery stores may not be open, and potential power outages make microwaves and ovens unusable.

Have plenty of bottled water in your home. Drinkable water may be at a premium in the aftermath of a major storm.

Some other things Villagers should do to prepare for the storm include: Fill your car up with gas. Have flashlights plus plenty of extra batteries. Have enough cash on hand to make it through several days because ATMs and credit cards will not work during power outages.

Have on hand is a weather radio with extra batteries. If your power goes out, a weather radio may be the only way to monitor the storm.

Veteran Villages residents remember when Hurricane Frances caused significant damage to the area in 2004.


“Talk of the Villages” Blog

Here’s a site we enjoy. I think you will too.
This is the way they describe themselves:

Welcome to “Talk of the Villages.”

This is a free interactive community where you are welcomed to talk about what interests you and your friends. While “Talk of the Villages” is designed specifically for residents of The Villages, Florida, it is open to people all over the world. Here, you can talk about your favorite Villages pastimes, sporting activities or anything else that interests you. You will find categories about every club, organization, ethnic group, religion, and political or social interest. In addition, you will find employment opportunities, homes and villas for sale or rent, merchandise for sale, a guide to help find a physician or treatment as well as restaurants, service companies and churches. If you do not find a category for your special interest, just ask us, and we’ll create it. “Talk of the Villages” is in no way connected to The Villages developer or management. It was conceived of and created by a resident of The Villages. It is a place where you can feel comfortable visiting. We will make every effort to ensure that all conversation is family friendly and in compliance with local, state and federal laws.

More Villages Facts!

Some friends updated me on the metrics of The Villages:

ü 40,000 Homes growing to75,000

ü 24 Executive Golf Courses

ü 9 Championship Golf Courses (225 Holes )

ü 12 Neighborhood and 5 Regional Recreation Center and growing

ü Tennis, Bocce, Shuffleboard, Pickle Ball

ü 6 Olympic Sports Pools, 31 Family Pools

ü 2 Towne Squares for shopping, Dining and Live Entertainment Soon to be 3

Active Retirement Utopia?

During the next decade 12 million Americans will choose to live in age segregated communities where young families are unwelcome and at least one household member must be at least 55 years old. Some call these communities “leisureville”.

By 2015 (just seven years) 4 out of 10 Americans will be 50 years old or older.

It’s no wonder that hundreds of “active retirement communities” are breaking ground every year.

The Villages in Florida is on the leading edge. We’re the world’s largest retirement community.

We’re nearly twice the size on Manhattan. Our peak population will be 110,000.

To those of us who live in The Villages, these facts are not surprising.

After all, we have the best entertainment, dozens of great golf courses, over 100 miles of golf cart trails and two amazing “downtowns”.

The Villages Florida

The Villages, Florida is called “The Disney World for Adults.” Visit us to learn why.

We link to the unofficial guide to The Villages. It’s somewhat biased but VERY usefule for first time visitors and long time residents as well. Visit our website